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Types of Womens shoes

Most ladies are very particular about their footwear and so prefer to carry out an extensive research before shopping. There are different shoes for different occasions, neutral shaded or classic black for office wear, sexy shoes or strap sandals for evenings out, beach shoes and casual footwear that go well with jeans. One should select the shoes that work with outfit, its colour, hemline and look. Ill-fitted footwear may cause blisters, calluses and corns, and even result into various heel and foot related problems. Especially pregnant ladies should take good care of feet by purchasing comfortable and safe pump shoes.

Types of shoes you can choose

If you are looking for prom shoes, they should go well with your prom dress. For formal look, you can opt for footwear with high heels and that are embellished with metallic designs and crystals for added sheen. ‘Ankle tie strapping’ shoes make the best option for prom nights. Some other shoes that you can choose are bowling shoes, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, walking shoes, wedding shoes, designer shoes, ballet shoes and dance shoes. The design of dance shoes is entirely the concern of one’s personal opinion and they can select from elaborate and dressy footwear to comfortable and simple shoes. Dancing footwear must offer sufficient grip, and yet provide a freedom to glide and spin. ‘Wedge’ shoes are most popular among women dancers.


When it comes to wedding women’s shoes, they should be harmonized to go with wedding gown, its style, length and colour. Wedding footwear in silk and satin can be selected to flatter the gown. You can even replicate details of gown on shoes with crystals, pearls and lace. Some brides opt for dying bridal shoes to suit bridesmaid and bride’s gown.

A tough game like tennis calls for tough shoes, the shoes which meet sportsman’s needs and are durable. If one is a hard-court player, one can select tennis women’s shoes with hard-wearing soles. The tennis shoes you select should have lightweight cushioning. No doubt, Polyurethane proffers dense padding, but it can increase the weight. If you want to buy designer women’s shoes, then it is possible that you get confused as the variety is huge and styles may range from stylish to outlandish.Just keep in mind to choose shoes according to occasion, your outfit and its colour. It is always a good idea to spend some time in research rather than ending-up disappointed.

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